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  1. [Linux/BSD] Auto-Restart Checker
  2. EmuDevs General Video Tutorial Collection
  3. How orb of dewception works
  4. Put together a little tool to make Item.dbc files easier for Mangos and Trinity.
  5. Written Custom Syntax Highlighting in Notepad++
  6. Written How to make and release a proper repack (or how to compile and setup a server on various OSs)
  7. How to merge SQL files, ( might sound stupid! but can come in handy! ) :)
  8. Autobroadcast, name & color change. {Tutorial} [Info]
  9. |CFF Color Tag Generator Webtool - Great for Item Name/Descriptions, Spell Names, Gossip, etc
  10. Written SQL - Comparing DateTime using DateDiff
  11. Written Just wanted to share something to people who have issues with port forwarding
  12. Massive core project list..
  13. {TuT} /ZM Error Fix
  14. How to make wow private server public {Video tut}
  15. [VIDEO] How To Make your own Listfile for Unlisted WoW 3.3.5a MPQ Files
  16. [VIDEO] Merging MoP to WoTLK Dbc Files with Microsoft Excel
  17. [Git] How to make a patch without commiting
  18. Written Domain flip - Earn money by investing a little! + Success stories
  19. Written Overwriting Profession Recipes + Creating Custom ones
  20. Learn spells from class trainers without clicking "Train" repeatedly
  21. Creating a Custom Profession
  22. [ArcEmu/Trinity] [How-To] Insert multiple rows into item.dbc
  23. [Trinity DBC Edit] How to allow dueling in major cities
  24. [Tutorial/Information] Is DBC editing really good for you?
  25. [Trinity] How to edit npc_text
  26. [Trinity] How to bypass 32767 limits
  27. Combine sql Queries
  28. Change your in-game backgrounds! (LOADING SCREENS)
  29. Warden Memory Check
  30. How to Model Swap for 3.3.5a
  31. World of warcraft 3.3.5 MAC
  32. Written Tutorial for debugging, crashlogs, edit and continue