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  16. Class Description.
  17. adding rep to all races?
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  19. Noggit Error
  20. Extendedcost Tallis DBC Thingy ^^
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  22. Custom Text Color
  23. Need SQLtoDB2 for 4.3.4 version
  24. Talent System.
  25. Where can I edit this?
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  35. editing client 3.3.5a
  36. PNG TO BLP (Favor)
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  38. How to make custom spells (best way of making). And how to get it ingame.
  39. create a custom achievement
  40. 4.3.4 Mount in 3.3.5
  41. Help races
  42. Custom items patch not working
  43. Flight Path on QA_DVD map problem :/
  44. Custom Patch
  45. Well of Eternity Problems 3.3.5a TrinityCore
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  48. MoP Character Creation Screen on 3.3.5 WotLK
  49. Add Cusotm object's ingame
  50. Custom spell
  51. Making spells cost percentage of max mana not base.
  52. Problem with new class
  53. Editting Stat Values of Spells
  54. C++ Editting
  55. MoP spell notification on screen to wotlk
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  57. Stat tooltips
  58. "you need to spend 5 talent points in this talent tree"
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  63. Itemrandomsuffix and randomprop
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  67. GOMove for 4.3.4 (With file and erros Lol)
  68. SoundEntries.DBC
  69. Spell import from Cata to Wotlk
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  93. TrinityCore 3.3.5 Minor run speed increase stacking.
  94. TrinityCore 3.3.5 Custom map name
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  97. Custom Achivements ?
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  100. Mount
  101. TrinityCore 3.3.5 How to make it so players start without any gear?
  102. Making a listfile with wow.exe
  103. TrinityCore 3.3.5 Is this possible, to make an area (not the whole area) with a PvP off?
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  112. Problem model swapping races
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  116. Question about races
  117. How do you add your edited map for npc path
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