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  1. timer
  2. attempt to perform arithmetic (userdata)
  3. AddAura weirdness
  4. how to use Siese code?
  5. zone locked and zone unlock for playername
  6. hello im well script change help pls thx.
  7. Question About Lua group check
  8. isgm = world massenge
  9. Lua Arguments
  10. Need example for PlayerGossipEvent
  11. SetPower not updating visual energy?
  12. Tame Beast fix?
  13. Non-native Weapon and Armour skills in ELUNA lua
  14. Contact with creature after spawn [Eluna LUA]
  15. capture the flag?
  16. Update gameobject in realtime
  17. Halt Event Chain
  18. Mage
  19. Revieve Player on Deadh help
  20. ScriptEluna Error
  21. request ScriptEluna
  22. Spell cast cooldown time on Boss Script
  23. player:ModifyHonorPoints(500) not working, loop in gettable
  24. Item Teleporter Help
  25. Chat system block text
  26. Lua Question
  27. i want to make a moving object
  28. As remove the Graveyard HELP!
  29. Error Script Lua Eluna
  30. Transmog by Rochet2
  31. [SOLVED] CreateLuaEvent and attempt to index local 'player'
  32. [SOLVED] Player:SetPhaseMask()
  33. [SOLVED] Need help with boss script [Mangos Zero]
  34. [SOLVED] [Mangos Zero] Creature:AttackStop/Creature:MoveTo Help
  35. [SOLVED] Making boss spawn npcs Eluna
  36. [SOLVED] guild invite help
  37. [SOLVED] Script .patch Vip Premium Eluna 4.3.4
  38. [SOLVED] Error with Script Update of Table
  39. [SOLVED] Unit:SetUInt32Value(58, 26)?
  40. [SOLVED] Script Transmogrifaction And Arena Spectator For Elunatrinity 4.3.4
  41. [SOLVED] Eluna Dont have Support ?Need Scripts Fireland
  42. [SOLVED] GetPlayerGUID
  43. [SOLVED] How to? Buff/Nerf Spell damage lua?.
  44. [SOLVED] [Need help with a custom boss]
  45. [SOLVED] Boss Spawn problem
  46. [SOLVED] not allowing a player to equip gear
  47. [SOLVED] Spawn mob on quest accept - only once in a lifetime.
  48. [SOLVED] mod scripts
  49. [SOLVED] Help to mod a script
  50. [SOLVED] [Mangoszero] Bank, mailbox and talent reset scripts
  51. [SOLVED] Profession NPC, wrong function
  52. [SOLVED] Delay between quest event actions
  53. [SOLVED] Anti-Flood
  54. [SOLVED] [TC Wotlk] Chat System
  55. [SOLVED] PlaySound on Boss
  56. [SOLVED] Need help with cast spell Eluna Lua
  57. [SOLVED] Spell Cost no power for npc (lua)
  58. [SOLVED] Gossip hearthstone
  59. [SOLVED] Point in Area
  60. [SOLVED] Reward Question.
  61. [SOLVED] Teleporter question
  62. [SOLVED] Gossip and Vendor
  63. [SOLVED] Eluna Vendor additem
  64. [SOLVED] Getting Target
  65. [SOLVED] AddItem() Pull from drop loot table?
  66. [SOLVED] Boss Scripting Standard
  67. [SOLVED] AutoBroadcastMessage
  68. [SOLVED] Npc event
  69. [SOLVED] Player Teleport On StartZone After Logout on each Map
  70. [SOLVED] Finding the Correct Packet Event
  71. [SOLVED] NPC Random event
  72. [SOLVED] NPC random moving
  73. [SOLVED] OnSpawn event
  74. [SOLVED] Cast spell when target melee range
  75. [SOLVED] Gossip constantly checking is npc is dead
  76. [SOLVED] string.format
  77. [SOLVED] Mixed Weapon Transmogification
  78. [SOLVED] Run command.on Every Login
  79. [SOLVED] Custom hunter trap LUA Script
  80. [SOLVED] Help With Eluna Boss Script
  81. [SOLVED] Boss script Eluna
  82. [SOLVED] Need help to open up a npc gossip with command
  83. [SOLVED] Allowing a player to fly
  84. [SOLVED] Function to check if a player is dead?
  85. [SOLVED] seems my scripts dont works
  86. [SOLVED] Function to stop and resume experience gain?
  87. [SOLVED] Hallow's End Treat
  88. [SOLVED] Checking if players around
  89. [SOLVED] World Message
  90. [SOLVED] REstart command
  91. [SOLVED] A specialization NPC in LUA?
  93. [SOLVED] how to add icons to my chat?
  94. [SOLVED] Reload command do not work
  95. [SOLVED] Change prefix on this world chat
  96. [SOLVED] Double object contact
  97. [SOLVED] How to send area trigger message to all player?
  98. [SOLVED] How to make custom level cap for custom vip in lua
  99. [SOLVED] How to use Object:ToCreature()
  100. [SOLVED] looking for character update if possible
  101. [SOLVED] cast spell before teleport.
  102. [SOLVED] Eluna VIP system
  103. [SOLVED] Mangos TBC summall players
  104. [SOLVED] Vip Loot Rate
  105. [SOLVED] {ELUNA}Can I Make New Method in Eluna Without C++ ?
  106. [SOLVED] Morph NPC 2.4.3 Mangos LUA
  107. [SOLVED] It isnt Working
  108. [SOLVED] Making items need vip level
  109. [SOLVED] Merchant/Store
  110. [SOLVED] Item Querying
  111. [SOLVED] Guild Teleport
  112. [SOLVED] Give a item Script
  113. [SOLVED] Auction House
  114. [SOLVED] Item can be open for loot
  115. [SOLVED] Event launched every x seconds by an NPC
  116. [SOLVED] Timed NPC interactions
  117. [SOLVED] Beastmaster ELUNA Question
  118. [SOLVED] How-to GoMove
  119. [SOLVED] Target a random non-tank player
  120. [SOLVED] Combat & waypoints
  121. [SOLVED] Eluna command starting with '/' slash or '.' dot
  122. [SOLVED] Gossip loop
  123. [SOLVED] A script linked to some NPCs
  124. [SOLVED] Choosing flags Eluna Db Query
  125. [SOLVED] Objscale git pull problems.
  126. [SOLVED] Unlock door's for guild member's
  127. [SOLVED] Doing something when unequip
  128. [SOLVED] Posible BUG RegisterGroupEvent
  129. [SOLVED] help with function
  130. [SOLVED] Summonable vanity pets that can be killed by enemies.
  131. [SOLVED] attempt to perform arithmetic on field '? ' (a nil value)
  132. [SOLVED] Module luasql.mysql not found
  133. [SOLVED] Function to get a Players Name / Guid
  134. [SOLVED] VIP Script
  135. [SOLVED] Where can I find Sound Entry IDs?
  136. [SOLVED] Flightmaster Eluna ports Players?
  137. [SOLVED] [QUESTION]Chest openable by GM
  138. [SOLVED] Function to check if a player has completed a quest?
  139. [SOLVED] Add Aura if player in XY zone and has not completed xy quest
  140. [SOLVED] [QUESTION]Vehicle Hooks in TrinityCore
  141. [SOLVED] How to call event in other function
  142. [SOLVED] Vendor problem
  143. TrinityCore WotLK Buying item at vendor
  144. [SOLVED] Player wages on timer.
  145. [SOLVED] Make gossip can't talk after select
  146. [SOLVED] OnSummonCreature / OnSummonCreatureDied problem.
  147. [SOLVED] Emote problem
  148. [SOLVED] Register player event SAVE event
  149. TrinityCore WotLK Riding C++
  150. TrinityCore WotLK Not work group specific area
  151. [SOLVED] Need help creating a timer!
  152. TrinityCore WotLK Creating a door that can open and close by code
  153. TrinityCore WotLK Player:SendShowBank not working properly
  154. TrinityCore WotLK Soul Farming Script
  155. [SOLVED] Chat Global
  156. TrinityCore WotLK Teleporte Eluna
  157. TrinityCore WotLK Protect an area with LUA.
  158. TrinityCore WotLK Help with Rochet2's Exchange Script
  159. TrinityCore WotLK SendGossipMenu from Database
  160. [SOLVED] Help allowing commands only for GM
  161. TrinityCore WotLK Performingamespawn Disapear
  162. MaNGOS Classic Transmog Error 1.12.1
  163. cMaNGOS TBC Dual Spec 2.4.3
  164. TrinityCore WotLK NPC get units in range.
  165. [SOLVED] 2.4.3 Race Change Script
  166. [SOLVED] Transmog Lua
  167. TrinityCore WotLK Looking an Helper About, Transmog
  168. TrinityCore WotLK Waypoints question
  169. [SOLVED] Hooking into an 'item purchase' event
  170. [SOLVED] Timers
  171. TrinityCore WotLK Stopping Auto Attacks
  172. TrinityCore WotLK GUID
  173. [SOLVED] Namespace of the LUA scripts
  174. TrinityCore WotLK Creature/Player/Gameobject custom data
  175. TrinityCore WotLK Sunwell Core
  176. ArcEmu to Eluna Trinity if possible
  177. [SOLVED] ammo slot
  178. TrinityCore WotLK Summon Ohter Crerature On...
  179. TrinityCore WotLK game object spawn event
  180. cMaNGOS TBC Duel reset
  181. cMaNGOS TBC ban announcer lua
  182. TrinityCore WotLK player:GossipSendPOI - Multiple Points At Once?
  183. TrinityCore WotLK Math.Random - How it works / Question
  184. TrinityCore WotLK Spawning world objects away from any players
  185. Need Special Eluna Hearthstone
  186. TrinityCore WotLK PerformIngameSpawn - Gameobject orientation broken?
  187. Help with Script Lua
  188. TrinityCore WotLK Logout
  189. TrinityCore WotLK AIO / Addon - Showing spell tooltip
  190. [SOLVED] Is this script for TrinityWotlk? It needs an update?
  191. How can i print a variable in AIO addon
  192. [SOLVED] [Eluna] call a function every second
  193. [SOLVED] More gossip text to a Lua scripted NPC
  194. TrinityCore WotLK Lua : aura duration time
  195. [SOLVED] Help with promotion NPC
  196. TrinityCore WotLK Custom capturable World PvP