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  1. Custom Extended Costs
  2. DBC Tutorials - Chapter 1: Custom Talents.
  3. How to: Custom Races!
  4. [PATCH]How to Create Custom Titles
  5. DBC editing - spell creation
  6. How to make a custom ExtendedCost
  7. [DBC] How to edit gems bonuses.
  8. How to make Custom Glyph "System"
  9. How to create custom RandomProperties on Items!
  10. [DBC][EDITING]How to add your own music to your server!
  11. [DBC][EDITING]Make a locked door that requires a key!
  12. How to create a new faction
  13. Creating your own flightpaths
  14. How to create itemsets
  15. [TC][DBC EDITING] heirlooms
  16. How to create a dungeon / instance
  17. How to make a custom patch for you items DBC 3.3.5
  18. DBC Tutorials - Chapter 2: Making a zone sanctuary.
  19. [How-To] Custom Vanity Companions for Trinitycore