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  1. [SOLVED] OnLogin AddGold To GM
  2. [SOLVED] Vip Item maker
  3. [SOLVED] CMake Error.
  4. [SOLVED] Crash, Debug {Help}
  5. [SOLVED] ELUNA [ Dismount() Bug ]
  6. [SOLVED] World Server Crash
  7. [SOLVED] Quest Show On Map
  8. [SOLVED] Is this possible?
  9. [SOLVED] Problem authentification core trinity WorldSocket.cpp
  10. [SOLVED] Solo Dungeon
  11. [SOLVED] "Program name has stopped working" (Windows)
  12. [SOLVED] Disable the spell
  13. [SOLVED] Hunter traps does not work in phase > 1
  14. [SOLVED] What am I doing wrong here?
  15. [SOLVED] ArcherAI in mangos
  16. [SOLVED] scourge sky darkener
  17. [SOLVED] Need help making my server non hamanchi
  18. [SOLVED] Need help
  19. [SOLVED] Websites Cannot Connct to my database
  20. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 - Arena Team Level Requirement.
  21. [SOLVED] Question For Trinity Item's
  22. [SOLVED] BG Reward's
  23. [SOLVED] change zone whwen level 80
  24. [SOLVED] how to update the source without affecting the modified files?
  25. [SOLVED] sql query method hm?
  26. [SOLVED] Need Sql Query
  27. [SOLVED] Problem For About language
  28. [SOLVED] reagester page
  29. [SOLVED] rbc fixe chat alliance with horde
  30. [SOLVED] Assist the court in Script
  31. [SOLVED] make socet
  32. [SOLVED] Moving items from Cata to patch LK
  33. [SOLVED] How to balance items
  34. [SOLVED] Raising stats of 32767
  35. [SOLVED] spell.dbc interrupt flags
  36. [SOLVED] Bountyhunter needs an update!
  37. [SOLVED] Fly Bug
  38. [SOLVED] Haste Cap
  39. [SOLVED] Max loot for npcs
  40. [SOLVED] Npc DisplayID
  41. [SOLVED] Npc fall down
  42. [SOLVED] Loot Refference
  43. [SOLVED] How Apply Patch With Git
  44. [SOLVED] How to get item displayid from cache
  45. [SOLVED] server crash mini boss
  46. [SOLVED] Max item Required Level 127
  47. [SOLVED] .sql in game?
  48. [SOLVED] custom npc haunts me to death xD.
  49. [SOLVED] how to bypass vendor max items
  50. [SOLVED] compile errors
  51. [SOLVED] Clickable Items Crashes Worldserver.exe
  52. [SOLVED] Chest, gameobject_template key help
  53. [SOLVED] Need Reforging Script For Last Rev
  54. [SOLVED] Error on Compile after Updating Core
  55. [SOLVED] update event please.
  56. [SOLVED] Need Update KillStreak System
  57. [SOLVED] Need Arena Spectator
  58. [SOLVED] [Trinity] All Race All Class 3.3.5a
  59. [SOLVED] Custom Items 4.3.4
  60. [SOLVED] How to set a function to only be allowed in a certain area
  61. [SOLVED] How Can Change Spell Name Trinity
  62. [SOLVED] crash server
  63. [SOLVED] Hey
  64. [SOLVED] Can't connect to my server on my second PC
  65. [SOLVED] Multiply One Specific Stat Spellpower to x10 using SQL Script
  66. [SOLVED] Need some help with ItemScript with cooldown
  67. [SOLVED] Need a Fixe Auth
  68. [SOLVED] Bypass maximum health NPC
  69. [SOLVED] Problem Compiling
  71. [SOLVED] Some warnings.I have no idea how to fix :/
  72. [SOLVED] I have a tiny question
  73. [SOLVED] Need help with register page
  74. [SOLVED] Sockets
  75. [SOLVED] I have some bugs
  76. [SOLVED] anticheat
  77. [SOLVED] How to : Honor and honorable kills in arena matchs
  78. [SOLVED] Help with my script
  79. [SOLVED] Trinity Fail World / Authserver launch [compilied]
  80. [SOLVED] Question about c++ scripts
  81. [SOLVED] AFK Timer
  82. [SOLVED] Need Help :X
  83. [SOLVED] How to change location of Hearthstone
  84. [SOLVED] Insatance (no idea to write here))
  85. [SOLVED] Compile cmake Error
  86. [SOLVED] more compile erros, annoying
  87. [SOLVED] Very serious bug
  88. [SOLVED] Connected bug
  89. [SOLVED] SaveToDB "Dupliacate" entry
  90. [SOLVED] How To Add Icons To Gossip Menu (in sql)
  91. [SOLVED] Connceted bug
  92. [SOLVED] Help with waypoint script
  93. [SOLVED] c++ help
  94. [SOLVED] Cmake error
  95. [SOLVED] Blank Book
  96. [SOLVED] Two questions
  97. [SOLVED] Multipel Account Login
  98. [SOLVED] Azer CMS - only able to connect through localhost
  99. [SOLVED] How to add a new config option
  100. [SOLVED] MySQL errors
  101. [SOLVED] Set talent start
  102. [SOLVED] Just a question
  103. [SOLVED] Attack Speed, Ranged Speed and Speed of Spells.
  104. [SOLVED] [Q] how to disable vehicle bonus HP ?
  105. [SOLVED] Vendor
  106. [SOLVED] GetSessionDbcLocal
  107. [SOLVED] Error on New Revision Rochet2 Transmog
  108. [SOLVED] Just a few errors I need help with
  109. [SOLVED] Kill Announcer
  110. [SOLVED] request Transmogrification Script Updated for Latest Rev
  111. [SOLVED] Need some more help
  112. [SOLVED] Arena spector
  113. [SOLVED] Almost finished my script.Just need a little bit more help
  114. [SOLVED] Trinity Auth
  115. [SOLVED] Just a question
  116. [SOLVED] How Can Edit Paladin Hammer of the Righteous
  117. [SOLVED] Extending kicked player information
  118. [SOLVED] Blank Auth & World server
  119. [SOLVED] ViP Account Error
  120. [SOLVED] Honor Disable, (BG)
  121. [SOLVED] RBAC - New Ranks
  122. [SOLVED] Lottery NPC?
  123. [SOLVED] Haste
  124. [SOLVED] BountyHunter crash
  125. [SOLVED] problem solved can be deleted , sry
  126. [SOLVED] [Q] problem with NPC summon trigger
  127. [SOLVED] Beastmaster script
  128. [SOLVED] Question about getting attacked
  129. [SOLVED] WoW 2.4.3 |Need Help FAST!|
  130. [SOLVED] Whats Wrong ?
  131. [SOLVED] Reset arena, honor, mounts
  133. [SOLVED] 1 vs 1 battlescript help
  134. [SOLVED] RBAC Function
  135. [SOLVED] Just a little guidance
  136. [SOLVED] Trader - Vote - Donor Problems!
  137. [SOLVED] Item Gossip help
  138. [SOLVED] HS cooldown
  139. [SOLVED] Arena Queue
  140. [SOLVED] [HELP] Trinitycore bugreport table SPAM/CRASH/FREEZE - character database
  142. [SOLVED] Flying NPCs inside the ground
  143. [SOLVED] FusionCMS site loading problem
  144. [SOLVED] [REQUEST] Got some scripts I would like to get updated (Would mean a lot)
  145. [SOLVED] Talents on a 255 realm
  146. [SOLVED] alliance and horde characters on a pvp realm.
  147. [SOLVED] TrinityCore Help!
  148. [SOLVED] Other classes can learn from class trainer
  149. [SOLVED] Permission support (All because of rbac,Loving it so much right now :)....)
  150. [SOLVED] NPC Health cap
  151. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 World DB error
  152. [SOLVED] Please help me with this script part
  153. [SOLVED] Question about worldserver.conf settings
  154. [SOLVED] Custom Commands RBAC
  155. [SOLVED] Who list 255 server
  156. [SOLVED] Trinity 3.3.5.a Gunship cannon - problem with angle
  157. [SOLVED] Individual loot and xp in party.
  158. [SOLVED] Question about player commands
  159. [SOLVED] [REQUEST(KINDA] MPQ patch, extendedcost
  160. [SOLVED] Trinity send chat messange
  161. [SOLVED] Help me find a zone ...
  162. [SOLVED] Need help to create my Arena Spectator NPC.
  163. [SOLVED] How to make the other npc complete the quest
  164. [SOLVED] Show Kick/Ban/Mute in announce
  165. [SOLVED] How do i create a NPC that only shows Gear that the Class can use / Wear
  166. [SOLVED] Need help ( Where in unit.cpp do i place this )
  167. [SOLVED] Having problem with database acces.
  168. [SOLVED] Having HUGE problems with Mysql please help!
  169. [SOLVED] Cusotm Sockets Create.
  170. [SOLVED] World server refuse to start. ( Reinstalled my SQL 6 times / reinstalled the core aswell )
  171. [SOLVED] [REQUEST] Achievments.dbc
  172. [SOLVED] [Trinity DBC/SQL] How to fix highlights on my own item?
  173. [SOLVED] How to properly debug trinitycore
  174. [SOLVED] Glyphs not working
  175. [SOLVED] Attack power limit...
  176. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Restart Issues
  177. [SOLVED] [Trinity C++] How i can set on C++ for the npc not have gold on items?
  178. [SOLVED] Glyph Vendor + DK Trainer.... Shit doesn't work....
  179. [SOLVED] error 1054 unknown column 'id' in 'field list'
  180. [SOLVED] Npc can't complete quest
  181. [SOLVED] [Trinity 4.3.4] Dmg min-max
  182. [SOLVED] [Trinity 4.3.4] Script Name
  183. [SOLVED] GameObject mod Name
  184. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Item Gossip help
  185. [SOLVED] How to fix SmartAIMgr errors on startup ?
  186. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Item Gossip :( I'm back
  187. [SOLVED] commands not working
  188. [SOLVED] Teleport player on quest accept..
  189. [SOLVED] Player Chat Tag
  190. [SOLVED] ArcEmu Instant Revive Lua
  191. [SOLVED] Really simple
  192. [SOLVED] world & auth closing instantly
  193. [SOLVED] Lua scripts.
  194. [SOLVED] List good places for mall ..
  195. [SOLVED] Bosses Bugging [Huge HP issue]
  196. [SOLVED] Can't generate sollution Cmake
  197. [SOLVED] ArcEmu Custom scripts?
  198. [SOLVED] Need some help for this script ...
  199. [SOLVED] [Request] World Chat /o
  200. [SOLVED] Help me to compile arcemu and give source arcemu 2.4.3 to me
  201. [SOLVED] Core player limit
  202. [SOLVED] [Random Battleground, Currency Display] (Prefer Cata User)
  203. [SOLVED] i neeD Lua vip And World Channel
  204. [SOLVED] Talent points requeriments
  205. [SOLVED] No Permissions access anymore
  206. [SOLVED] Compiling Problems [Trinity 3.3.5a]
  207. [SOLVED] Can't find this place ..
  208. [SOLVED] little question about waypoints script ..
  209. [SOLVED] Wich NPCs use this scripts ?
  210. [SOLVED] error when making a custom race, with battle masters or something, HELP!?!?
  211. [SOLVED] problems with world.conf
  212. [SOLVED] Item Gossip
  213. [SOLVED] ArcEmu Problem with npc spawn
  214. [SOLVED] [NPC] Problem with Spiders in Ice crown Citadel
  215. [SOLVED] Mana cap for server.
  216. [SOLVED] FusionCMS VIP
  217. [SOLVED] WorldServer
  218. [SOLVED] RBAC
  219. [SOLVED] Sql Auto-Event + System massage!
  220. [SOLVED] getting something like that dunno what that means lol
  221. [SOLVED] Turning a battleground or instance into normal zone ?
  222. [SOLVED] Dont Send Message
  223. [SOLVED] Vendor Preview
  224. [SOLVED] Problem with mana and spell.dbc
  225. [SOLVED] [Trinity] How to remove the faction from items?
  226. [SOLVED] Some sql help
  227. [SOLVED] Large lua script bundle for arcemu.
  228. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Multi-Vendors
  229. [SOLVED] NPC Captive Spitescale Scout Not attacking on aggro
  230. [SOLVED] ArcEmu Spell fixes.
  231. [SOLVED] [4.3.4] Database error, please help
  232. [SOLVED] [4.3.4] Ingame GM problem
  233. [SOLVED] Npc Power type.
  234. [SOLVED] World Server Problem(s)
  235. [SOLVED] Custom Command RBAC
  236. [SOLVED] How do you create Custom GM ranks?
  237. [SOLVED] [Trinity] How to make custom permissions?
  238. [SOLVED] Gossip Npc Help ;(
  239. [SOLVED] Having Problems giving out Database Acces
  240. [SOLVED] Gouge Spell Rogue
  241. [SOLVED] TrinityCore custom commands
  242. [SOLVED] Starting run the server
  243. [SOLVED] Increasing Damage Base
  244. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Problem with Halion
  245. [SOLVED] How to enable reload of creature_template
  246. [SOLVED] Change mount scale.
  247. [SOLVED] TrinityCore Custom Commands
  248. [SOLVED] Database [AUTH] Editing.
  249. [SOLVED] Separate GM logs
  250. [SOLVED] [REQUEST] Instance NPC Entry SQL Code