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  1. [SOLVED] problem with hearthstone on mangos server
  2. [SOLVED] 255 Level the problem: Stats on items, and start HP (instant 255level)
  3. [SOLVED] Removing Skinning Level
  4. [SOLVED] Diff won't apply
  5. [SOLVED] World server packet spoof protection
  6. [SOLVED] I need help to remove rbac system from my TrinityCore
  7. [SOLVED] Keeping phase on logout
  8. [SOLVED] Reset some Achievements
  9. [SOLVED] Arena Reward System
  10. [SOLVED] Active
  11. [SOLVED] GetPlayer ': is not a member of' Player '
  12. [SOLVED] Scaling Stat to 255
  13. [SOLVED] Custom 255 realm Need xp bar
  14. [SOLVED] Template NPC
  15. [SOLVED] System OnKill
  16. [SOLVED] can anyone help me compile 2.4.3 trinitycore
  17. [SOLVED] TrinityCore2 Spell_Bonus_Data and Spell.dbc
  18. [SOLVED] Help with C++
  19. [SOLVED] [Custom] Arena - Spawn Magetable and Soulwell
  20. [SOLVED] RDF changes
  21. [SOLVED] player flags
  22. [SOLVED] A little script my friend made
  23. [SOLVED] Triinity 4.3.4 DB error
  24. [SOLVED] Coin for itens. Trinitycore 3.3.5a
  25. [SOLVED] Spells
  26. [SOLVED] Cmake error about "to low version of Visual studio"
  27. [SOLVED] Worldserver.exe cant find worldserver.conf
  28. [SOLVED] On First Login
  29. [SOLVED] create a NPC gossip and trader
  30. [SOLVED] - Problem with Spells/Talents losing DATA (Donate for Fix)
  31. [SOLVED] MOP Realmlist (How to edit & where to patch.)
  32. [SOLVED] Linux cmake error
  33. [SOLVED] - Arena Crystal Errors
  34. [SOLVED] SQL get all spells of all class
  35. [SOLVED] Questions about programming trinitycore
  36. [SOLVED] Problem with Sheath
  37. [SOLVED] - CFBG Default Models
  38. [SOLVED] Spell disappears when exiting the game.
  39. [SOLVED] Mangos to trinity
  40. [SOLVED] Scripts from Cata work on MoP?
  41. [SOLVED] send itens bank
  42. [SOLVED] Aura Master [Request]
  43. [SOLVED] Windows 8.1 Cmake error compile Vs2012 - (2013) Trinitycore 4.3.4
  44. [SOLVED] worldserver.exe error 4333
  45. [SOLVED] Turning an instance into normal zone ?
  46. [SOLVED] Oregon/mangos ?
  47. [SOLVED] Visual
  48. [SOLVED] FusionCMS Console Commands.
  49. [SOLVED] Little question about recompiling !
  50. [SOLVED] Wierd bug ! :|
  51. [SOLVED] Auction House custom currency!
  52. Azer CMS V3.0 items popup information
  53. [SOLVED] WoW-Armory
  54. [SOLVED] need little help with this script
  55. [SOLVED] Version DB error? {Revision}
  56. [SOLVED] Level Requirement
  57. [SOLVED] Advice about
  58. [SOLVED] Pet with new Status
  59. [SOLVED] AH BOT Script
  60. [SOLVED] How to fix this errors ?
  61. [SOLVED] Title NPC errors!
  62. [SOLVED] DK problems
  63. [SOLVED] Help me code something
  64. [SOLVED] Creating a Custom Quest problem
  65. [SOLVED] Need help with a custom event system I'm making
  66. [SOLVED] All mounts on all characters script error
  67. [SOLVED] [Trinity Core]How to change Experience Rates ?
  68. [SOLVED] Rochet2 Phased Duel
  69. [SOLVED] Multivendor and Transmog
  70. [SOLVED] Battleground menu popping up after each level
  71. [SOLVED] Re-Compile problems.
  72. [SOLVED] object crash
  73. [SOLVED] Spell_Hunter.cpp
  74. [SOLVED] Cross Faction Arenas
  75. [SOLVED] Free for All Zone- C++/DBC
  76. [SOLVED] noob needs help
  77. [SOLVED] How to block a "/" command?
  78. [SOLVED] Random Teleporter teleport
  79. [SOLVED] object reset cooldown
  80. [SOLVED] Graveyard Respawn
  81. [SOLVED] Is this possible?
  82. [SOLVED] Custom Hit Rating
  83. [SOLVED] C++ OnUpdateZone Logic Failing.
  84. [SOLVED] error arena1c1
  85. [SOLVED] [Help] C++ Npc registers players on Event
  86. [SOLVED] [TC] Cmake error
  87. [SOLVED] channelled spells
  88. [SOLVED] Stuck stuck stuck!
  89. [SOLVED] C++ Check for GM Badge, not just rank.
  90. [SOLVED] Transmog errors (Rochet2)
  91. [SOLVED] scriptdev2 compiling issue
  92. [SOLVED] Worldserver.exe suddenly freezes
  93. [SOLVED] Disconnect player
  94. [SOLVED] SQL query error
  95. [SOLVED] Spell Penetration Compile Error
  96. [SOLVED] Weird Cmake Problem when try to Compile TC Source
  97. [SOLVED] Set battleground for level 255 !
  98. [SOLVED] Crash learndefaultskills
  99. [SOLVED] A good server restarter.
  100. [SOLVED] Item Gear Score
  101. [SOLVED] Transmogrification Compile Errors
  102. [SOLVED] [How To?] Fix mana regen after after lvl 83
  103. [SOLVED] Little advice for ARAC please !
  104. [SOLVED] Spawntimes messed up?
  105. [SOLVED] Compiling errors.
  106. [SOLVED] [C++] Using Variables in Table
  107. [SOLVED] Disable Professions
  108. [SOLVED] Emulator ? what
  109. [SOLVED] Problem with log in on my other comp
  110. [SOLVED] How to add an extra menu option when right clicking other players (i.e trade, invite, whisper, set focus)
  111. [SOLVED] custom patch ??
  112. [SOLVED] Quick Way to change in Database (Help)
  113. [SOLVED] Problem with CMake and Visual Studio
  114. [SOLVED] Disable an item via C++ for a specific area
  115. [SOLVED] How to make World chat with repack ?
  116. [SOLVED] how to make vip ranks in Repack
  117. [SOLVED] Error cmake
  118. [SOLVED] Problem with HeidiSQL ( Merge.sql)
  119. [SOLVED] Why that is so cmake
  120. [SOLVED] All CLass All race
  121. [SOLVED] Need help to apply Rochet2's diff patch for multi vendor
  122. [SOLVED] Help setting up FusionCMS v6 Installment error
  123. [SOLVED] CMake error : Boost
  124. [SOLVED] Compile error with boost libraries
  125. [SOLVED] 5.0.5 work with 5.1.0 repack ?
  126. [SOLVED] Authserver problem
  127. [SOLVED] Problem port forwarding
  128. [SOLVED] multiple realm
  129. [SOLVED] Compile Errors
  130. [SOLVED] Event problem
  131. [SOLVED] [Trinity] [C++] FFA Command Script
  132. [SOLVED] Error Boost
  133. [SOLVED] 3vs3 solo
  134. [SOLVED] unordered_map
  135. [SOLVED] World server crashes
  136. [SOLVED] Anti flood promoter
  137. [SOLVED] Worldserver crash when killing minions
  138. [SOLVED] How to correct spell and quest bugs
  139. [SOLVED] Confirmation box OnBuyItemFromVendor
  140. [SOLVED] Disable Instances
  141. [SOLVED] Flying mount in Azeroth
  142. [SOLVED] boss damage doing 1-5 damage
  143. [SOLVED] Modifying Spells
  144. [SOLVED] Get crit rating
  145. [SOLVED] String + Text
  146. [SOLVED] Boss custom i cant see
  147. [SOLVED] Timer and morph
  148. [SOLVED] Meta Gem Stacking
  149. [SOLVED] Morph Limit
  150. [SOLVED] Awards of BG
  151. [SOLVED] Battleground top 40
  152. [SOLVED] Custom Quests - Can't Complete
  153. [SOLVED] Disable Group
  154. [SOLVED] Arena spectator Issue
  155. [SOLVED] Compile Error
  156. [SOLVED] Error @server
  157. [SOLVED] Disable trinket proc in arenas
  158. [SOLVED] Challanging Implementation
  159. [SOLVED] Two questions
  160. [SOLVED] [Request section?] Bag switching!
  161. [SOLVED] Trinity object command
  162. [SOLVED] Disable /who list in arena
  163. [SOLVED] [C++]is it difficult to realize this idea for a girl with the initial level of knowledges of С++?
  164. [SOLVED] Mysql Connection in script
  165. [SOLVED] All players get Disconnect from server
  166. [SOLVED] Disable Night
  167. [SOLVED] Compile Errors
  168. [SOLVED] compiling errors
  169. [SOLVED] How to add a Quest on Gossip Select?
  170. [SOLVED] Change the formulas of crit,hit,dodge,expertise and others.
  171. [SOLVED] WorldServer problem..
  172. [SOLVED] reload item_template \ creature_template
  173. [SOLVED] Haste Cap Tutorial/Help wanted
  174. [SOLVED] Mob bugs
  175. [SOLVED] Twin Teleport
  176. [SOLVED] Hit Cap with Config Option
  177. [SOLVED] Arena Points and Honor Points problem
  178. [SOLVED] Worldserver can't connect to MySQL
  179. [SOLVED] Help .diff in linux
  180. [SOLVED] Draenei aura glasses/Filter does not work skills
  181. [SOLVED] Hellfire Damage of Mobs
  182. [SOLVED] Maxing a Profession via an npc
  183. [SOLVED] Problems with updating World
  184. [SOLVED] Make gameobject lootable when quest accept
  185. [SOLVED] Problem while compiling sources.
  186. [SOLVED] Battlegrounds at level 255
  187. [SOLVED] Make a creature move to a pecified location after spawn !
  188. [SOLVED] player->TeleportTo with timer
  189. [SOLVED] All Mage spells also cast Deep Freeze
  190. [SOLVED] Compile error with boost libraries (Pics and Info inside)
  191. [SOLVED] Need help cleaning this script !
  192. [SOLVED] Cmake Compile Error
  193. [SOLVED] Gossip_Menu_option Question
  194. [SOLVED] vs2013 error (Arkcore & Trinitycore
  195. [SOLVED] hey guys got issues with trinitycore after being compiled
  196. [SOLVED] 33.5a Cmake Error
  197. [SOLVED] authserver and worldserver is blank
  198. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 Spell.dbc
  199. [SOLVED] CMake Error within 12 seconds of start
  200. [SOLVED] Adding new stats
  201. [SOLVED] mysql config
  202. [SOLVED] Trinity changed again! (ERROR)
  203. [SOLVED] Ressurection revive pet
  204. [SOLVED] Item Gossip when dead?
  205. [SOLVED] Cmake Errors
  206. [SOLVED] WorldServer Crashes (It's new error for me) Never heard of it before)
  207. [SOLVED] BG bots
  208. [SOLVED] Problem with SendAddonMessage [C++]
  209. [SOLVED] Mysql (cant start logonserver)
  210. [SOLVED] Crates or chests , bags?
  211. [SOLVED] Movement\spline\movespline.cpp252 in movement::movespline::_updatestate ASSERTION FAILED: minimal_diff >= 0
  212. [SOLVED] Edit Phased Dueling to work in a Specific Zone
  213. [SOLVED] SmartAI Casting
  214. [SOLVED] help with xmog? please!
  215. [SOLVED] Scripts are disabled? how to able it?
  216. [SOLVED] Applying a Diff
  217. [SOLVED] C make error
  218. [SOLVED] Change Boss Loot(or Edit)
  219. [SOLVED] Forcing an NPC to attack with range
  220. [SOLVED] Preview Vendor
  221. [SOLVED] Skills not Saving
  222. [SOLVED] 3.3.5 Registration Website Help
  223. [SOLVED] SQL Error (2006): MySQL server has gone away
  225. [SOLVED] Libmysql.dll error
  226. [SOLVED] Cmake Error
  227. [SOLVED] Login announcer to GM's
  228. [SOLVED] Disable spell (Is this correct way)?
  229. [SOLVED] C make error Boost
  230. [SOLVED] 3.3.5a Compiling Error
  231. [SOLVED] TC 4.3.4
  232. [SOLVED] Compiling errors
  233. [SOLVED] Show DP/VP in gossip menu!
  234. [SOLVED] Compile Error 335 / 434
  235. [SOLVED] Problem with C++ script
  236. [SOLVED] the server wont start
  237. [SOLVED] Resilience cap
  238. [SOLVED] 1v1 Arena - Leave Part 4.3.4 Cataclysm
  239. [SOLVED] Spell DMG reduce
  240. [SOLVED] Cmake issues
  241. [SOLVED] How to - Backup the database
  242. [SOLVED] Server crash after initialize data stores
  243. [SOLVED] Making my server issues
  244. [SOLVED] [CMAKE 3.0.2] do not have VS 12 only have VS 12 2013
  245. [SOLVED] my data base is outdated?
  246. [SOLVED] Trinitycore.sln
  247. [SOLVED] Exporting Loot system from MOP
  248. [SOLVED] compiling errors
  249. [SOLVED] Function error
  250. [SOLVED] Is it possible to run another Auth.db at the sametime?