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  1. [SOLVED] Frost Presence worked but not anymore
  2. [SOLVED] Gossip-Vendor compile error: taking address of temporary [-fpermissive]
  3. [SOLVED] Need help world server closed all time
  4. [SOLVED] Port Forwarding doesnt work?
  5. [SOLVED] MYSQL issue
  6. [SOLVED] Sender IDs?
  7. [SOLVED] Arena top 10 script
  8. [SOLVED] Could someone update these? :)
  9. [SOLVED] Errors on compile
  10. [SOLVED] timer issues :/
  11. [SOLVED] Convert to the latest Trinity Rec 3.3.5
  12. [SOLVED] Flask with multi buff ( Stackle)
  13. [SOLVED] Custom Items in a box?
  14. [SOLVED] World Log Errors
  16. [SOLVED] Arena Season Set by level
  17. [SOLVED] Random generate number
  18. [SOLVED] Arkcore worldserver 4.3.4 problem
  19. [SOLVED] Errors with no reason? :S
  20. [SOLVED] how to make MySQLpublic
  21. [SOLVED] errors .. whut
  22. [SOLVED] Grant me no armor?
  23. [SOLVED] Cmake Error :O
  24. [SOLVED] [C++ OnEnterMap] Not working properly.
  25. [SOLVED] Script outdated?
  26. [SOLVED] Errors
  27. [SOLVED] TBC Scripts
  28. [SOLVED] [c++] custom boss script 4.3.4
  29. [SOLVED] People die after duel end
  30. [SOLVED] Script outdated
  32. [SOLVED] Trinity gobject turn & move
  33. [SOLVED] /s stopped working
  34. [SOLVED] Shadowfang Keep problem with launch
  35. [SOLVED] Worldserver.exe crashing without errors and not responding
  36. [SOLVED] Website can access database
  37. [SOLVED] RBAC removal errors
  38. [SOLVED] How To Nerf Or Buff Spell and Clases?
  39. [SOLVED] Cast on all Players
  40. [SOLVED] Heroic class?
  41. [SOLVED] World server wont start?
  42. [SOLVED] Fear Pathing
  43. [SOLVED] ITEMID Addons TBC
  44. [SOLVED] I made my own custom map with Battlegroup. but ....
  45. [SOLVED] Can't seem to connect to Worldserver.
  46. [SOLVED] Wow p-server 4.3.4 please help !
  47. [SOLVED] [CFBG] Following Tutorial Of Tommy no compile error but in-game won't work!
  48. [SOLVED] Halting process..
  49. [SOLVED] porting Cata mounts to Wotlk
  51. [SOLVED] How to nerf spells?
  52. [SOLVED] Error creating a new race
  53. [SOLVED] Gear Template NPC
  54. [SOLVED] Keeping tc up to date without loosing database
  55. [SOLVED] Pet Stats Lvl 255
  56. [SOLVED] Error Createing new class:S
  57. [SOLVED] Battelgrounds wont start
  58. [SOLVED] Sending it to Mail
  59. [SOLVED] Looking for some cool visual auras
  60. [SOLVED] looking for some pets for vips
  61. [SOLVED] Git not found on system.
  62. [SOLVED] looking for ally and horde icons link
  63. [SOLVED] how to get ip address?
  64. [SOLVED] Help please,A bout Opcode sniff
  65. [SOLVED] Cant recomplie with Worldserver.exe errors
  66. [SOLVED] i need help updateing a c++ script
  67. [SOLVED] Script update needed
  68. [SOLVED] [Wotlk] Guild vs Guild battlegrounds
  69. [SOLVED] really need this c++
  70. [SOLVED] Maps Error, Fix=$$
  71. [SOLVED] Weird command problem
  72. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 Source
  73. [SOLVED] intellisense issues
  74. [SOLVED] About how to allow one person into LFG dungeon
  75. [SOLVED] Weird Problem with level stats
  76. [SOLVED] Command Parameters
  77. [SOLVED] Console Error.
  78. [SOLVED] adding cmake to my server
  79. [SOLVED] Aggressive NPC Problem
  80. [SOLVED] Where can i find functions of /roll?
  81. [SOLVED] About /roll
  82. [SOLVED] Please Help CrossfactionBG
  83. [SOLVED] CMakeLists Error.
  84. [SOLVED] I need some DBC help/ideas
  85. [SOLVED] How it works?
  86. [SOLVED] Get max proffesional through NPC ingame
  87. [SOLVED] How to make a place an instance
  88. [SOLVED] Item Updates
  89. [SOLVED] [TC C++] Haste Script Problem
  90. [SOLVED] [Help]Reload item_template and creature_template
  91. [SOLVED] Arena Spectator errors
  92. [SOLVED] Fresh TrinityCore [ Bugg ]
  93. [SOLVED] TrinityCore 335 GMisland error
  94. [SOLVED] Hunter's Arrows/bullets delete
  95. [SOLVED] Microsoft visual studio error
  96. [SOLVED] FusionCMS Error
  97. [SOLVED] Warrior Bladestorm
  98. [SOLVED] VIP system error
  99. [SOLVED] Can't add the ability for a new class
  100. [SOLVED] Wow 255 Server Bugfix
  101. [SOLVED] Setting forwarding ports
  102. [SOLVED] Need help with login system on my acp
  103. [SOLVED] outError': is not a member of 'Log
  104. [SOLVED] Access denied error Webhost
  105. [SOLVED] TrinityCore Problems
  106. Haste problem
  107. [SOLVED] Custom spell mechanics
  108. [SOLVED] GM tele undermap
  109. [SOLVED] Teleporter (Check for Me)
  110. [SOLVED] items.dbc from sql
  111. [SOLVED] [Vbulletin] OpenWoW Tooltip with Icons
  112. [SOLVED] Donation Vendor
  113. [SOLVED] TrinityCore Object with Spell bug
  114. [SOLVED] GetPlayer': is not a member
  115. [SOLVED] Crossfaction Help
  116. [SOLVED] Script Issue [Can't seem to find new identifiers]
  117. [SOLVED] Multivendor " The Item Was Not Found."
  118. [SOLVED] Trinity Playerstart
  119. [SOLVED] wotlk Enchant's scalling
  120. [SOLVED] Trinity 3.3.5a MOB
  121. [SOLVED] How Can Fix It
  122. [SOLVED] TrinityCore Guards
  123. [SOLVED] Custom talent error.
  124. [SOLVED] [Help] SmartAI
  125. [SOLVED] looking for help, [Learning Purposes]
  126. [SOLVED] eye of storm TrinityCore 3.3.5a
  127. [SOLVED] Disable .res at Boss
  128. [SOLVED] TrinityCore Zone
  129. [SOLVED] Need some advice :)
  130. [SOLVED] TrinityCore MOBs
  131. [SOLVED] Hunter Pet Script
  132. [SOLVED] [C++ Script] NPC Vendor
  133. [SOLVED] Add loot to GO via C++
  134. [SOLVED] Death Knight class is broken!
  135. [SOLVED] War-cry CMS
  136. [SOLVED] FusionCMS (Very Slow!)
  137. [SOLVED] How to configure VS to debug TrinityCore?
  138. [SOLVED] Arena Viewer
  139. [SOLVED] Trinity core Compile Error
  140. [SOLVED] Allianz and Horde in a wholist
  141. [SOLVED] BattleGrounds
  142. [SOLVED] Npc's fall underground bugg
  143. [SOLVED] BattleGrounds
  144. [SOLVED] Release Time on cenrtain area
  145. [SOLVED] [Error] Crossfaction BG
  146. [SOLVED] [tc][issue]battleground portals
  147. [SOLVED] How can i do like this? :O
  148. [SOLVED] Error with queryresult C++
  149. [SOLVED] [Mangos->TC] small issue when merging
  150. [SOLVED] Trinity c++ Ultimate duel Reset Script Error
  151. [SOLVED] Killstreak Config
  152. [SOLVED] Duel script Config
  153. [SOLVED] Channel problems
  154. [SOLVED] Implementing lineage 2 pvp system into world of warcraft, looking for help
  155. [SOLVED] Deserter Buff after Leaving BGs
  156. [SOLVED] Tommy help me please :/
  157. [SOLVED] Arkcore vs Skyfire [4.0.6]
  158. [SOLVED] After Crossfaction Script
  159. [SOLVED] Spirit Healer
  160. [SOLVED] Add a MOB Badge
  161. [SOLVED] CFBG
  162. [SOLVED] vmaps error
  163. [SOLVED] Crossfaction Question Some erros
  164. [SOLVED] For some changes 2nd realm
  165. [SOLVED] Crit chance: 1.#J%
  166. [SOLVED] [Trinity Core] Cmake wiered error!
  167. [SOLVED] Help me pls
  168. [SOLVED] Arena Spectator
  169. [SOLVED] Transmogrifier Last rev
  170. [SOLVED] [CFBG] Without errors, but don't work ingame
  171. [SOLVED] The Worldchannel
  172. [SOLVED] phased duel
  173. [SOLVED] Trinity 4.3.4
  174. [SOLVED] Updating a script...
  175. [SOLVED] 3.3.5a Multi-Vendor Script question
  176. [SOLVED] Rochet2 Transmog cant download
  177. [SOLVED] Profession Script Error
  178. [SOLVED] Where to change cooldown of spells?
  179. [SOLVED] Script Error
  180. [SOLVED] Rochet2 Teleporter SQL
  181. [SOLVED] Table 'command' have not existed subcommand
  182. [SOLVED] [Help] XP Bar 80 lvl+
  183. [SOLVED] Admin / GM Tag
  184. [SOLVED] Channels
  185. [SOLVED] New Rank
  186. [SOLVED] New Table name "Premium_Accounts"
  187. [SOLVED] Console Flusharenapoints
  188. [SOLVED] Gobject movements
  189. [SOLVED] New dmg calculations
  190. [SOLVED] Custom Boss Dies when take damage even if 10 damage
  191. [SOLVED] More Commands
  192. [SOLVED] Custom Boss keeps dying if exit combat
  193. [SOLVED] storage players
  194. [SOLVED] player.cpp
  195. [SOLVED] More information: 'GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_CAPTUREPOINT = 29'
  196. [SOLVED] Server log
  197. [SOLVED] How would I be able to change...
  198. [SOLVED] ToC5 Help updating the script
  199. [SOLVED] c++ duel script
  200. [SOLVED] Boss heal himself 50% of his health
  201. [SOLVED] Wowreaper. evrthing unknown and frezen in-game
  202. [SOLVED] Which functions in Trinity handle white hits calculations?
  203. [SOLVED] MSVCR110D.dll missing
  204. [SOLVED] How to put delay between two commands.
  205. [SOLVED] Creature_classlevelstats 1-255
  206. [SOLVED] TaskBar
  207. [SOLVED] Wowreaper worldserver.exe "error"
  208. [SOLVED] How to SetReputation?
  209. [SOLVED] FusionCMS Permission denied
  210. [SOLVED] Trinity Compiling Problem
  211. [SOLVED] where can I find a client for trinitycore cataclysm?
  212. [SOLVED] [Nvlddmkm.sys] Blue Screen of death !!
  213. [SOLVED] [DB] Spell_bonus_data table
  214. [SOLVED] Trinity Core with no RBAC system
  215. [SOLVED] looking repack ree Remorse WoW
  216. [SOLVED] BossAnnouncer
  217. [SOLVED] Trinitycore for 5.1.0 not work
  218. [SOLVED] Item with custom spell
  219. [SOLVED] Mysql trinitycore for 3.3.5 not started!!
  220. [SOLVED] custom arena join mode
  221. [SOLVED] CMangos 2.4.3 Barber Update on change not working
  222. [SOLVED] Arena Spectator
  223. [SOLVED] Trinity COre (no RBAC System)
  224. [SOLVED] Trinity Core World chat C++
  225. [SOLVED] ELuna Telepoerter to C++ Teleporter
  226. [SOLVED] [Trinity][C++] How can i do a Timer?
  227. [SOLVED] Compile error
  228. [SOLVED] spell switch effect
  229. [SOLVED] Is it possible to do a script, removing the reset time on raids?
  230. [SOLVED] Arena patch (spawn table and soulwell)
  231. [SOLVED] [Request] Looking for 2.4.3 mall vendors working for Oregon Core
  232. [SOLVED] .npc subname command disabled in oregon core, how do I enable it?
  233. [SOLVED] How Position struct is retrieved
  234. [SOLVED] Error when trying to compile a Oregon Core 2.4.3
  235. [SOLVED] Compiling: Getting error when trying to add databases (oregoncore)
  236. [SOLVED] crash server when closing the game.
  237. [SOLVED] npc_enchantment
  238. [SOLVED] Hunter Dual Wield
  239. [SOLVED] [Request] Phased Dueling
  240. [SOLVED] 5.1.0 Trinity on Debian
  241. [SOLVED] No dmg_min1 - arcane_res in the db
  242. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 haste cap
  243. [SOLVED] Cannot connect to world database
  244. [SOLVED] Hellfire Fortifications
  245. [SOLVED] 1.12.1 MaNGOS - Bzip2_include_dir Cmake error.
  246. [SOLVED] [Trinitycore] 'Position::GetPosition' Error
  247. [SOLVED] UnforgivenWoW 255 Source compile error
  248. [SOLVED] Help me with a Script here :(
  249. [SOLVED] Skinning Level
  250. [SOLVED] Priest Spell - Power Word: Barrier