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  1. [SOLVED] Hay peoples am asking for some help
  2. [SOLVED] Fake Player Lastest Version Trinity 3.3.5
  3. [SOLVED] Need help with changing crit chance.
  4. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Errors from least rev of tc from 6 hours ago?
  5. [SOLVED] GOMove 2
  6. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Buffer Item Crash Server on Destroying item
  7. [SOLVED] Change location of "zone" "city"
  8. [SOLVED] Netherstorm Agent Glasses
  9. [SOLVED] [Help] How to port forward a Cataclysm 4.3.4 so others may join
  10. [SOLVED] SmartAI? How to use it properly? [TRINITY]
  11. [SOLVED] How do i create a backup with HeidiSQL ( World )
  12. [SOLVED] Gossip Icon
  13. [SOLVED] Server asking for Authenticator after logging in
  14. [SOLVED] Anybody got any idea what this means?
  15. [SOLVED] Players Missing / Starting with the wrong spells.
  16. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 repack prob
  17. [SOLVED] RBAC issues.
  18. [SOLVED] Custom class error. [character craete error]
  19. [SOLVED] mangos 1.12.1 cmake error, BZIP2_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND
  20. [SOLVED] Client Crash on custom class stats check [ "C" ]
  21. [SOLVED] Class Spell Bugs?
  22. [SOLVED] [Request] 4.3.4 Mall Vendors
  23. [SOLVED] Item Gossip
  25. [SOLVED] [Trinity] "Cooking Items" default gold cost won't be removed
  26. [SOLVED] [Help] GameObject or Gryphon master
  27. [SOLVED] {PLEASE HELP} i got a strange thing when i open my server
  28. [SOLVED] About Oregon
  29. [SOLVED] CharStartOutfit.dbc
  30. [SOLVED] Authserver not starting up
  31. [SOLVED] This is wierd ...!
  32. [SOLVED] IF condition for ITEM_MOD_RATING?
  33. [SOLVED] Custom Pet script.
  34. [SOLVED] [Need help] Some kind of dll injection?
  35. [SOLVED] World Server Problem
  36. [SOLVED] [Item Gossip TC] Compile error
  37. [SOLVED] moved ACE_DIR now get diff error
  38. [SOLVED] [TRINITY] Serverside scripts for new class
  39. [SOLVED] [Trinity] How to create custom Security Levels on RBAC?
  40. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 Github Repository trinitycore
  41. [SOLVED] need Vmaps for the older versions
  42. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Title NPC Bug/add gossip?
  43. [SOLVED] {Trinity} Worldserver error
  44. [SOLVED] Error connecting to server
  45. [SOLVED] error on complite x64 not win_32 aka x86
  46. [SOLVED] Having issues with setting permissions with the rbac
  47. [SOLVED] [C++ Script] Error
  48. [SOLVED] LOOKING FOR 4.3.4 Trinity Rated Battleground Script!
  49. [SOLVED] [Help] Problem with NPC
  50. [SOLVED] script error, most convert new script to older core.
  51. [SOLVED] Anyone wanna take a quick look?
  52. [SOLVED] Authserver error can't fix it :|
  53. [SOLVED] can't join bg at lower level then normal.
  54. [SOLVED] odd shammy elemental issue
  55. [SOLVED] {SQL} Remote Connection
  56. [SOLVED] Remove weather type for single zone?
  57. [SOLVED] Disband group
  58. [SOLVED] I'm looking for maps 5.3.0
  59. [SOLVED] [C++]Teleporter
  60. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Pulling Source Git Error
  61. [SOLVED] Alliance - Horde Language
  62. [SOLVED] Creating New Titles
  63. [SOLVED] how to make my server support other langs?
  64. [SOLVED] Help please
  65. [SOLVED] Database trinity+Eluna
  66. [SOLVED] fiddling around with phases and quests
  67. [SOLVED] Custom Mount Spell
  68. [SOLVED] TrinityCore | Cmake Error | Visual Studio 2010
  69. [SOLVED] [HELP] Custom Restricted Flight Area
  70. [SOLVED] pinfo crash in trinity
  71. [SOLVED] Mysql Connection
  72. [SOLVED] Gunship Battle Help!
  73. [SOLVED] [C++ Script] Vip menu help
  74. [SOLVED] Uwow core prob
  75. [SOLVED] 4.3.4 Worldserver Error's ( Linux Debian )
  76. [SOLVED] World Chat Issue
  77. [SOLVED] Services not seen from the internet
  79. [SOLVED] Mangos Error
  80. [SOLVED] Remove creature Loot
  81. [SOLVED] MySQL not working
  82. [SOLVED] [Trinity] The SQL Query's won't give action to work!
  83. [SOLVED] FusionCMS Error "Something went wrong"
  84. [SOLVED] Arcemu website
  85. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Enchanter item gossip trying to add it but won't take action!
  86. [SOLVED] worldserver.exe
  87. [SOLVED] Cataclysm 4.3.4 [TC] world.exe error.
  88. [SOLVED] [C++ Script] Donater Script Crashing ingame
  89. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Trying to build wiered query to update costs for items
  90. [SOLVED] [Trinity] REQUEST - Online ticket system
  91. [SOLVED] [TC][4.3.4] Eluna compiling error.
  92. [SOLVED] wow developing 3.3.5a
  93. [SOLVED] (Linux) Auth/World restart
  94. [SOLVED] Needing help with Ubuntu PrivateServer
  95. [SOLVED] i knw this ismt a discussion
  96. [SOLVED] [Fusion CMS] Error on item store!
  97. [SOLVED] Script Idea(need help)
  98. [SOLVED] [Help] Trinitycore Logging for Dummies
  99. [SOLVED] error on changeing max level
  100. [SOLVED] Questions about spell procs
  101. [SOLVED] :VendorRemoveAllItems() (Lua)[Question]
  102. [SOLVED] itemscript errors :(
  103. [SOLVED] Custom Scripts compile error
  104. [SOLVED] item script errors part 2 lol
  105. [SOLVED] My Support Thread
  106. [SOLVED] Error when a player try's to log into the server
  107. [SOLVED] Getting MMR
  108. [SOLVED] [TRINITY] Got a problem with my characters...
  109. [SOLVED] displayID for houses
  110. [SOLVED] [TC latest rev] custom gear request
  111. [SOLVED] [TC][4.3.4][RBAC] RBAC System destroy [in progress]
  112. [SOLVED] [C++]Old haste Script
  113. [SOLVED] [TC]Player script need help
  114. [SOLVED] Code Box NPC Crash
  115. [SOLVED] [Trinity] Deleting standard starter gear
  116. [SOLVED] Profession script error - trinity 4.3.4
  117. [SOLVED] [TC]4.3.4 AccountMgr.h error.
  118. [SOLVED] NPC level and HP?
  119. [SOLVED] Player.cpp Error
  120. [SOLVED] Guild vs. Guild (very old Script)
  121. [SOLVED] Beastmaster.cpp Error
  122. [SOLVED] Create item lootable that give Currency
  123. [SOLVED] [C++Script] On kill script
  124. [SOLVED] Playtime in wow
  125. [SOLVED] Conquest Point Cap Change 4.3.4 Trinity
  126. [SOLVED] Professional recipes create wrong item
  127. [SOLVED] Dalaran guard error
  128. [SOLVED] Add gryphon ghost at graveyard entry
  129. [SOLVED] TrinityCore2 opcode bug
  130. [SOLVED] Server specs
  131. [SOLVED] CFBG Rev 27 - BuildPlayerChat Error
  132. [SOLVED] NPC Unlocking Item / One Person Instance
  133. [SOLVED] trinity bugs cant seem to fix
  134. [SOLVED] Custom Teleporter
  135. [SOLVED] Random World boss
  136. [SOLVED] Few questions about server edit.
  137. [SOLVED] FusionCMS donation issue
  138. [SOLVED] FusionCMS Linux
  139. [SOLVED] enabling duel/pvp in a patched zone
  140. [SOLVED] how can i add an respawn time ?
  141. [SOLVED] wow error on login.
  142. [SOLVED] wow error after loading character
  143. [SOLVED] Spell Requierments
  144. [SOLVED] Max combo points.
  145. [SOLVED] Spell casting while moving.
  146. [SOLVED] Fresh Compile
  147. [SOLVED] Level Cap Trinity
  148. [SOLVED] ScalingStatDistribution and ScalingStatValue
  149. [SOLVED] AH Bot Compile Error
  150. [SOLVED] Hello there.
  151. [SOLVED] Worldserver.exe Crashing
  152. [SOLVED] I donT know what is wrong
  153. [SOLVED] Custom Vehicel
  154. [SOLVED] error Transmogrification 3.3.5a
  155. [SOLVED] Prevent Player movement/Stun Player
  156. [SOLVED] Line break in item_template description
  157. [SOLVED] Setting Stat caps, Xmog, level 85.
  158. [SOLVED] How do you add battleground items if you win?
  159. [SOLVED] spell cast times
  160. [SOLVED] SQL error
  161. [SOLVED] Play sound to all nearby players
  162. [SOLVED] Error
  163. [SOLVED] Help with two of Tommy's scripts
  164. [SOLVED] Jeutie's Repack
  165. [SOLVED] error 0xc000007b
  166. [SOLVED] raids and dundeons are close
  167. [SOLVED] Mobs drops special currency
  168. [SOLVED] SQL Table / Column Value
  169. [SOLVED] Compile own core
  170. [SOLVED] phase out dueling error
  171. [SOLVED] reforge does not load.
  172. [SOLVED] my first script outdoor pvp get error?? don't know why
  173. [SOLVED] CFBG simple errors!
  174. [SOLVED] Custom boss messed up between scripts :)
  175. [SOLVED] remove instance save time
  176. [SOLVED] CFBG Freeze
  177. [SOLVED] TC Quest
  178. [SOLVED] use new and old core on same realm database
  179. [SOLVED] trying to add patches get this error
  180. [SOLVED] Clean Database (Nothing Spawned)?
  181. [SOLVED] Your data base structure is not up to date
  182. [SOLVED] new phaseing out duel dont' work 100%
  183. [SOLVED] Fusion cms online players
  184. [SOLVED] Grant Permission
  185. [SOLVED] Trying to make items cost custom currency
  186. [SOLVED] Max weapon levels on log-in.
  187. [SOLVED] Add custom required currency to complete a quesst..
  188. [SOLVED] Compile Error 4.3.4
  189. [SOLVED] Updating Scripts to Latest Rev Errors
  190. [SOLVED] Increase Items Stats
  191. [SOLVED] Guild War event
  192. [SOLVED] Custom Ranks + World Chat and Custom Commands Request
  193. [SOLVED] Adding patches, TC 3.3.5 Error
  194. [SOLVED] Query help
  195. [SOLVED] Custom failed to buy from vendor..
  196. [SOLVED] Custom Item Patch Fix doesn't work
  197. [SOLVED] [mod] word filter
  198. [SOLVED] Check to see if bags are full
  199. [SOLVED] How to change info in .server info?
  200. [SOLVED] script error
  201. [SOLVED] Questionmark
  202. [SOLVED] OnBuy
  203. [SOLVED] Chathandler.cpp Custom World Chat Throwing Errors
  204. [SOLVED] FusionCMS Terms and Conditions
  205. [SOLVED] Sohw output in menu item
  206. [SOLVED] Evilfairys Multivendorscript
  207. [SOLVED] Ghostcrawlers VIP Area Only Script
  208. [SOLVED] Attack power and spell power shows "0"
  209. [SOLVED] cant compile :(
  210. [SOLVED] Trynity Core level cap
  211. [SOLVED] someone help me how to add script :D
  212. [SOLVED] Deathknight -> Newclass
  213. [SOLVED] Item gossip script error
  214. [SOLVED] My Teleporter Wont work.
  215. [SOLVED] Chat Name Link
  216. [SOLVED] [Cataclysm] 4.3.4 Possible Item Addition
  217. [SOLVED] Remove graveyards
  218. [SOLVED] gossip menu issue
  219. [SOLVED] Compile Error
  220. [SOLVED] RBAC Roles and Permision
  221. [SOLVED] VIP Commands Problem
  222. [SOLVED] Quest which teleports you to another location
  223. [SOLVED] How to add a Talent Specialization script to an NPC
  224. [SOLVED] [TC]battlegrounds not working
  225. [SOLVED] battlegrounds graveyard fix?
  226. [SOLVED] Creature Damage on 4.3.4
  227. [SOLVED] Custom Level on Items and Item Sets
  228. [SOLVED] ResurrectPlayer on Item Use.
  229. [SOLVED] How to fix the Resilience?
  230. [SOLVED] Starting Items
  231. [SOLVED] Cataclym Repack 3.0 Permission Issues
  232. [SOLVED] On_login player script
  233. [SOLVED] How to make alliance and horde be able to communicate with /say ? :)
  234. [SOLVED] Request: specific NPC script
  235. [SOLVED] Modify mount speeds
  236. [SOLVED] Respawn error?
  237. [SOLVED] Database erorr How Can Fix It
  238. [SOLVED] Need UnforgivenWoW Source Fix No Error
  239. [SOLVED] Profession NPC
  240. [SOLVED] GM commands stops working
  241. [SOLVED] Beast Master NPC - Update needed.
  242. [SOLVED] cmake error
  243. [SOLVED] Unforgiven Wow Source Error
  244. [SOLVED] Cross Script Error?
  245. [SOLVED] Trinity Core Database Error
  246. [SOLVED] Need Eternal Wow Remorse Repack
  247. [SOLVED] Cmake error
  248. [SOLVED] SQL NPC_vendor
  249. [SOLVED] Dueling and Profession help
  250. [SOLVED] So I added the working Dueling Script.