EmuDevs, "Emulation Developers" began early 2013 by Nomsoft. The site was and is still intended for all
emulation developing help/support. We will never support the advertising of member's private
servers and/or websites. EmuDevs is 100% strictly for helping developers with their questions.
We also provide useful tools for members to use.

This is a list of our current projects:
  • Eluna Lua Engine - Eluna is a Lua engine for World of Warcraft emulators. Eluna supports CMaNGOS, MaNGOS and TrinityCore.
  • ED Generator - This is a World of Warcraft SQL Generator for creatures, items, weapons, quests, etc. Currently supports MaNGOS and TrinityCore.
  • EDB - World of Warcraft 3.3.5a World Database for TrinityCore.
  • ED Paste(Currently being re-coded) - Place to submit code snippets or other information (like pastebin).
  • WarcraftCMS (In Development) - Official MaNGOS Web Content Management System. Supports most WoW Emulators.
  • ED Git - Public Git repository site for everyone. Amount of repositories are limited to the type of membership.

We are currently looking for staff in both EmuDevs and Nomsoft positions. If you are interested in
joining, send and email to emudevelopers@gmail.com saying who you are, for more information.

Most sections now have a forum that links to their specific FAQ. The more answers to specific questions
will be added to the list overtime. It is best to view the FAQ just in case your question could be answered
within one of those links. It's faster than making a thread if the FAQ can answer your questions.

You can see our quick issue FAQ here.
You can see our entire FAQ here.

Social Media & Public Servers

Member Ranks and Levels
The current level cap is 500, each level promotion has its own perks on the forum.
All the information you need are in the links below.

Quick XP links:

Quick ways to earn XP:
  • Posting threads
  • Posting replies
  • Clicking "thanks"
  • The Weekend Raffle

Donating to EmuDevs helps keep the sites up and running. Currently our payments are 99% out of pocket.

We have 5 different subscriptions:
  • $5 for 3 months
  • $10 for 6 months
  • $20 for 12 months
  • $40 for 24 months
  • $60 for 48 months

After your subscription has expired, you will lose your donator status and all of its perks. You will
have to donate again in order to keep your subscription to everything.

Donation Perks:
ED Git perks -> http://git.emudevs.com
  • $5 donation - 5 private repositories | 2GB Space
  • $10 donation - 10 private repositories | 5GB Space
  • $20 donation - 20 private repositories | 10GB Space
  • $40 donation - 40 private repositories | 15GB Space
  • $60 donation - unlimited private repositories | 100GB Space

Further information on the ED Git can be found here

Free Web Hosting!(donating 20 or more)
  • Free 50GB Webspace
  • Unlimited Domains/FTP/SQL/Mail

A coupon to Technode Hosting for 50% off annually on any package!

The donator award
And finally, the rank of

Other Information
  • If the information you find on a post helps you, say thanks by clicking thanks
  • Try to use thread prefixes whenever available
  • Be sure you read our FAQ and see if anything relates to your issue

(Note: This thread changes)